Solid Extrusions (Blocks, Rods)


Solid Extrusions (Blocks, Rods)

Solid Extrusions (Blocks, Rods)
Products Molded of Carbon Fiber Resin


  • (1) Light weight
    PA6/CF20% products have a specific gravity of 1.22, 1/6 of that of iron (specific gravity 7.8)
  • (2) Processability
    Can be shaped using vacuum forming or pressing and cut using lasers
  • (3) Customized designs
    Designs can be added using punching or laminating
  • (4) Recyclable
    Can be easily crushed down to recycle

Uses/Processing Methods:

  • Cutting materials


PA6/CF20% Blocks

  • T60 x W300 x L500 mm
  • T30 x W300 x L1000 mm

PA6/CF20% Rods

  • φ10 x L2000 mm

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