TPS-PC [Polycarbonate]

TPS-PC [Polycarbonate]

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Product lineup : 
PC (NC)-I : Unfilled transparent type
PC (BK) : Black colored type
PC (G20BK) : Black colored and GF reinforced type

Features : 
- Excellent dimensional stability, atributed from amorphous plastics with less crystal shrinkage.
- Chemical resistance is comparatively low, resulting in stress cracks.
- Excellent impact strength and creep resistance in a wide range of temperature, due to high glass transition temperature (130 - 150ºC). 
- Good weather resistance.

Use application : 
- Optical parts
- Electrical and electronic components
- Parts for medical equipment 
- Parts for food handling machinery
- Modeling (especially for "pachinko" decoration parts)

15 Mar 2024