TPS-PEEK | Polyetheretherketone


TPS-PEEK | Polyetheretherketone


Heat Resistance, Flame Resistance and Chemical Resistance
PEEK is a crystalline plastic with properties that have not been conventionally available; it has high heat resistance (continuous use temperature of 260°C), as well as superior chemical resistance and hot water resistance. It is also a plastic with high flame resistance and extremely low generation of smoke and corrosive gases upon combustion.


The primary uses for PEEK are as semiconductor/liquid crystal manufacturing equipment components, testing equipment components, medical equipment components and the like.


  • PEEK has superior resistance to hot water, and can be used continuously in steam at 200 to 260°C. It can withstand a temperature of 300°C for short periods of time, and among plastics, it has the highest resistance to hot water.
  • PEEK has superior chemical resistance, and extremely superior resistance to acids and bases under high temperatures. It is, however, affected by concentrated sulfuric acid.
  • PEEK has a high continuous use temperature of 260◦C, but because its glass transition temperature is low at 143◦C, it requires care when being used under high temperatures and high loads.
  • PEEK is a plastic with high flame resistance, with minimal generation of smoke and toxic gases upon combustion.
  • The recommended grades for high sliding wear resistance are PEEK (NC), PEEK 430-AE3, PEEK 4000 and PEEK 4110.

Comparison of General Physical Properties:

Grade List:

Grade Characteristics
PEEK(NC) Standard grade
PEEK430-AE3 AE grade (conductive)
PEEK 4000 High-function sheets (unfilled grade with a thickness of 0.1 to 0.5 mm)
PEEK 4110 High-function sheets (high-sliding grade with a thickness of 0.1 to 0.5 mm)

* Refer to the Products Catalogue on page 35 for product specifications.

Properties Data:

Category Property Unit Testing Method ASTM TPS® PEEK
NC 430-AE3
Mechanical properties Tensile strength MPa D638 98 98
Tensile elasticity % >60 4.0
Bending strength MPa D790 170 160
Bending elasticity GPa 4.2 4.2
Poisson’s ratio - - 0.4 -
Compressive strength MPa D695 118 -
Izod impact strength (notched) J/m D256 67 39
Rockwell hardness - D785 M99 M100
Physical properties Specific gravity (23°C) - D792 1.32 1.33
Water absorption (23°C, 24 Hrs) % D570 0.5 -
Linear expansion coefficient ×10-5
JIS K7197 4.7~10.8 3.5
Thermal conduction W/mK E 1530 0.26 -
Flammability (UL) - D570 V-0
V-0 equivalent
Thermal properties Deflection temperature under load (1.82 MPa) °C D648 152 164
Continuous use temperature °C - 260 260
Glass transition temperature °C - 143 143
Melting point °C - 343 343
Electrical properties Dielectric strength MV/m D149 - -
Surface resistance Ω D257 1016 101~6
Volume resistance Ω・cm 1016 101~6
Permittivity 106Hz - D150 - -
Dielectric tangent 106Hz - - -
Certified per the Food Sanitation Act -
  • * The values given above for the properties are representative values given by the manufacturers of the raw materials, and are not guaranteed values for the product.
  • * The cells with no values given (-) indicate that useful data is not available or cannot be obtained at this time.
  • * AE stands for anti-electrostatic, and is an abbreviation for our anti-electrostatic grade material.

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